The Roundup May 14 2012
Baran Mong | May 14 2012

@BaranMong brings you a brief collection of animation news and generally inspiring links! 

The TAAFI Official Selection of Shorts Announced

2012 Official Selection - Shorts

Submissions came in from across the globe for the inaugural event and the competition was thick, making the selection process a hard one.  This exciting line up of shorts will guarantee an incredible weekend of fun and enjoyment, bringing you some of the best in original storytelling and animation the world has to offer. Stay tuned as we will be announcing our full festival line up.

Animatic for "Pear CIder and Cigarettes"

by Robert Valley

via Cartoon Brew

Wonderful New Tool for Stop Motion Animators

Introducing the Qumarion Mannequin. Funny that the creators focus seems to be providing a unique tool for illustrators but the stop motion, film previz and key pose potentially astounding!

Read more at Akihabara News

via Akihabara News



by Junaid Chundrigar

via On Animation

R.I.P. Maurice Sendak

The New York Times 

...with a comprehensive article commemorating the life and work of Maurice Sendak.

"A largely self-taught illustrator, Mr. Sendak was at his finest a shtetl Blake, portraying a luminous world, at once lovely and dreadful, suspended between wakefulness and dreaming. In so doing, he was able to convey both the propulsive abandon and the pervasive melancholy of children’s interior lives." -Margalit Fox

(via The Fox is Black)

Interview with Don Bluth

Read the Full Interview on "Cartoon Brew"

Don Bluth (Dragons Lair, The Secret of Nimh, The Land Before Time)

...I do miss the art of a traditional, hand-drawn animated film. Looks like the only risk takers are in Europe and Japan as far as 2D is concerned. There is something still troublesome with bringing CG characters to life. They still feel like puppets to my eye.

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