TAAFI's FIrst "Iron Pencil"
| Apr 13 2013

Toons On Tap is excited to announce that we will be taking part in TAAFI's Iron Pencil competition this Friday, April 19th.  Before you start sharpening your pencils in anticipation, here's the breakdown of the event:

What's an "Iron Pencil" ?

Taking place from 8 pm to 10 pm at TAAFI's "Welcome to the Animation Industry" Party, Iron Pencil is a costumed life drawing session in the format of a "cook off".  

Two artists at a time will go head to head in a timed drawing competition.  Each pair has just five minutes to draw the model holding a pose.  Once five minutes are up, it's pencils down!  The model then picks her favourite of the two drawings, and the winning artist receives a prize.

Who's the model?

The model of the evening is the bombshell dancer Charlie Quinn!  Charlie is a trained dancer (18 years and counting!), a skilled art model, and a huge cartoon nerd (especially Reboot).  She will be dressed to the nines as a sophisticated magician.


(Charlie Quinn (and Sion-Irwin Childs) pose at Toons On Tap's one year anniversary session.  Photography courtesy of Jeffrey Adam Danyleyko.)

Feeling brave? 

Sign up at the party to compete in the Iron Pencil.  In the two hour session, we estimate at least 16 pairs of artists will compete.  Student vs. teacher, newbie vs. veteran, friend vs. friend... who will you challenge to be 'quick-on-the-draw'?

Note: easels, paper, and drawing supplies will be provided for the contest.  

Feeling shy?

Everyone is welcome to draw without competing.  Bring your sketchbooks and drawing supplies to the party, find a spot in front of the stage or on the mezzanine, and enjoy a two hour drawing session of five minute, costumed poses.

Looking forward to seeing you at Berkely Church, Friday April 19th!

"Welcome to the Animation Industry" Party
Friday April 19th at Berkley Church
Tickets can be purchased at 

Photo: Jeffrey Adam Danyleyko

Photo: Jeffrey Adam Danyleyko ♦

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