TAAFI 2013 Poster - TINMAN Creative
Rich Duhaney | Apr 18 2013

TAAFI is proud to present the TAAFI 2013 poster and welcomes you to the world of “Imagine Nation”! This year's poster is a collaboration between our returning creative partner TINMAN Creative (tinman.tv) and new 2013 marketing partner HOORAY!.

This year's theme focuses on the amazing world of animation, where dreams come to life as the impossible plays out before your eyes. Fearless vikings, ice bound aliens, claustrophobic zombies and flying hamburgers are only some of the wonders that await you in TAAFI's “Imagine Nation!” - a place where anything can and will happen!

Take a moment to witness Brett Jubenville of TINMAN Creative breath life into "Imagine Nation"


HOORAY's Creative Director, Catherine Baird, sought a concept that broaden people's perceptions of what animation can be, "Animation is about bringing to life our wildest ideas, something that can't be found in real life, and this is something that we really wanted to focus on for this year's poster and theme. Working with Tinman Creative, we explored some concepts around creating a 'World of Animation' where all these crazy ideas and fantasies lived, side by side, but almost as little tribes of their own. From this we arrived at the fictional world of 'Imagine Nation' and the idea took on a life of it's own!"

Brett Jubenville of TINMAN Creative (@TINMANtoronto) illustrated "Imagine Nation", drawing influence from across the animation spectrum. A seasoned animator, illustrator and director Brett's designs give us a look at the landscape of an animator's mind. "This year's TAAFI poster is about a world full of animation.  Where are the exciting places in that world, the scary places, the strange places?  Who lives in that world, and what are the rules...if there are any?  It's something we look forward to exploring more leading up to, and throughout this year's Toronto Animated Arts Festival International".

So join us as we tour the "Imagine Nation" at TAAFI 2013, July 26-28 at TIFF Bell Lightbox and Corus Quay.

Beautiful full size prints (24x36 inches) are available FREE with the purchase* of an early bird Festival Pass, Friday April 19, ONLY at the "Welcome to the Animation Industry" Party, Berkeley Church, Toronto!  

*credit card required

 Printing by Somerset Graphics

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