2014 Official Shorts Selection
Mike Weiss | Mar 17 2014

Here be the list of short films selected for TAAFI’s 2014 Festival.  Many thanks to all of the talented animation artists from around the world who submitted films – the number of submissions we received this year obliterated our previous record.

About a Planet - Leonardo Cavaletti
A Girl Named Elastika - Guillaume Blanchet
Ain't No Fish - Tom Gasek
Amoeba - Bronwyn Horne
Arcadia - Federico Gutiérrez
A Recipe For Gruel - Sharon Smith
Argument - Alexandre Iliach
Astigmatismo - Nicolai Troshinsky
Backwards Cat Goes to the Vet - Tanya Kozak
Big Block Singsong "Hair" - Warren Brown
Big Block Singsong "Owl" - Warren Brown
Big Block Singsong "Technology" - Warren Brown
Bee and PuppyCat - Larry Leichliter
Blackout - Sharron Mirsky
Bless You - David Barlow-Krelina
Bless You - Philip Watts
Boatman - Louie Zong
Bravest Warriors: Aeon Worm - Breehn Burns
Bringing Up Bigfoot - Edward Coughlan
Chili Con Carne - Philippe Rolland
Collectors - Marcel Hobi
CRIME: The Animated Series  Sam Chou, Alix Lambert
The Dam Keeper - Daisuke Tsutsumi, Robert Kondo

DEAD... – Joe Bichard
Doctor Lollipop - Aliki Grafft
Drunker Than a Skunk - Bill Plympton
Father - Santiago 'Bou' Grasso
Feed Your Creative Brain - leftchannel
The Flan - Raoul Olou
Floating in my Mind - Hélène Leroux
The Fog of Courage - John R. Dilworth
Fruit Fruit - Peter Millard
The Girl Who Missed the Bus - Anne Lucht
Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop - Caleb Wood
Grandmother - Carlos Smith
Great Daena: A Fateful Encounter - Rob Jabbaz
Harald - Moritz Schneider
High Noon Kaboom - Brett Jubinville
High Wool - Moritz Mugler, Nikolai Maderthoner
Hollow Land - Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot
Home - Luiz Stockler
Jack the Astronaut - Carl Hadley
Jahela! - Gregory Jones
Junkyard - Hisko Hulsing
Kick-heart - Masaaki Yuasa

The King of the Birds - Coline Benacchio
Land - Masanobu Hiraoka
Leaving Home - Joost Lieuwma
Life is Beautiful – Ben Brand
Lightning Larry - Daniel Solomon, Hyun Jun Song
LSD ABC - François Grumelin-Sohn, Laura Sicouri
Lumberjacked - Joel Mackenzie
Lwas - Mathilde Vachet
Meet Meat - Eve Guastella, Mael Jaouen, Christine Shin, Juliaon Roels, David Martins Da Silva
Me, Marionette - Graham Carter
Miriam's Kite - Riho Unt
The Missing Scarf - Eoin Duffy
Mite - Walter Volbers
Monkey Rag - Joanna Davidovich
Mr. Hublot - Laurent Witz (2014 Oscar for Best Animated Short)

Myosis - Ricky Cometa, Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart, Adrien Gromelle. Guillaume Dousse, Thibaud
Noise of the World - Coke Riobóo
Overboard – Paul Zeke
Passer Passer - Louis Morton
Rabbit and Deer - Péter Vácz
The Race - Jacques Khouri
Ramus - Danica Parry, Chris DeVito
Runaway - Susan Huen Sin Yung, Esther Parobek
RSA Shorts: Dr Brene Brown, "The Power of Vulnerability" - Katy Davis
Safari Heat - Antti Laakso, Simo Ruotsalainen
Simon's Cat in 'Suitcase' - Simon Tofield
Spatula Head - Lesley-anne Rose
Stick Out - Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Still I Breathe - Sang Ho Lee, Zack Lydon
Stoplight - Simon Wilches
The Sugar Bugs – John Kim
Symphony no. 42 - Reka Bucsi
Walking In the Jungle - Brett Jubinville
Wind - Robert Löbel
Yellow Sticky Notes: Canadian Anijam - Jeff Chiba Stearns

Some of the filmmakers will be in Toronto at the Fest, meet them at the screenings for Q&A's, the Animation Arts Maarket where original artwork will be on sale and at the TAAFI Parties!

Passes and tickets for the 2014 Toronto Animation Arts Festival International June 14-16, go on sale in April

A very special thanks goes out to the wonderful, hard-working TAAFI programming team. We toiled and gnashed our teeth in order to assemble such an enjoyable program, and I hope you’ll come out to watch these films this summer.♦