October 2016 Tutorials
Adriana Blake | Oct 03 2016

Hello everyone!  Happy October!

This month I have a bit of a grab-bag for you.

For starters I'd like to share with you this great tutorial video from animator/rigger Brian Horgan, in which he discusses a common mistake he often comes across with animated walk cycles. 

A common mistake when animating walkcycles.. from Brian Horgan on Vimeo.



Secondly, art director Giusepe Castellano wrote an article discussing why animators make great children's book illustrators.  If this is a path any of you have considered, you may want to take a look at what he has to say.

To read, please click on the image below:

Image credit: Interior spread from animator Ovi Nedelcu's The Cat, The Boots, The Legend, from Simon and Schuster.



Lastly, I'd like to invite you to take a look at this Creative Bloq article, which complies some beautiful examples of negative space.  I hope they can inspire you next time you have work on a design :)

To see them all, please click on the image below:

Image credit: four-colour Disney/Pixar Brave posted by Michael DePippo


Well, that's it for now!  Until next month: happy art-making! ♦

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