Kaj Pindal: A Lifetime of Achievement
| Jul 03 2012

Join TAAFI for the Kaj Pindal Retrospective, July 8 at TIFF Bell a celebration of the man, the animator, the legend and creator of Peep and The Big Wide World! The landmark retrospective will feature the short films of his illustrious career, starting as a young pioneer in Denmark with the work that caught the attention of the National Film Board of Canada, and prompted them to bring Kaj Pindal into their creative midst; The  place he decided to spend 33 years making cultural and artistic contributions to Canada and the world.

Kaj's characters move with such masterful timing and are drawn with such comedic success and original expression, they become much more than the sum of their parts. Drawing influence from classic Hollywood rubber hose animation, Kaj's style also contains a hint of european flavour, and is chock-full of comedic brilliance.  Sophisticated enough for adults to enjoy, yet has an innocence that is accessible for all ages this retrospective is for film lovers of all ages.

Illustration from Kaj's NFB Classic, "I Know An Who Lived in a Shoe"

Kaj has reached a rare balanced between the educational and the satirical. His technical films are purely artistic, his Public Safety and Awareness ads are just as entertaining as his cartoon shorts, and many of his cartoon shorts have an elevated perception of the world. In Kaj's own words "Hollywood was like a circus, the Film Board was like a university!".His motivation to use animation for good causes has lead him to make Masterpieces such as "Goldtooth", that warn street kids world-wide about the hazards of substance abuse, while delivering compelling drama to the general audience.

Beyond seeing a screening review of Kaj's illustrious career, you will have a unique chance to meet the man himself, and ask anything about his life, career and influences. The Q&A will be moderated by the Coordinator of Sheridan's BAA Animation Program, Mark Mayerson, who's affinity for animation history will make for fascinating conversations.

Ever a social butterfly, Here is Kaj at Animation Industry Night, November 2011

If you know Kaj, you know he always has a smile on his face. We suspect that on July 8th he will have an even bigger smile, since we will be honoring him the with TAAFI's first  "Most Animated Person of the Year: for Life Time Achievement" 

If you are familiar with Kaj, you wouldn't want to miss this for the world, If you are unfamiliar with this legendary figure, check out http://KajPindal.blogspot.com, whack your forehead with the palm of your hand because you didn't know him, and then come to this historic Kaj Pindal Retrospective on July 8! 

Kaj inspecting the new plush toy's created from his famous characters. Peep and The Big Wide World has won a daytime Emmy and been nominated again, recently.

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