Designing the TAAFI Poster - Nneka Myers
Rich Duhaney | Feb 08 2016

Concept artist Nneka Myers shares the story behind her playful TAAFI 2016 poster, plus we tease with some of the special guests coming for the Fest - April 22-25, 2016.

Video produced by TINMAN Creative

Canadian Animation recently interviewed Nneka Myers regarding her work since graduation from Sheridan College in 2013

The Cece sticker pack on Facebook is a project I am super happy to have worked on! Mainly because she was the first black character in the sticker shop and Facebook really wanted her to be appreciated online and in the community, in time for Black History Month. I am still honoured they entrusted me with that privilege.

Read Canadian Animation's Interview with Nneka Myers. 

View more of Nneka's work at and follow her at and


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