November 2016 Tutorials
Adriana Blake | Nov 01 2016

Hello everyone!  Happy November!

For this month I have 3 videos for you with lots of great info!  They focus on story process and pitching your idea(s) to networks.

First, I'd like to share this video by SHSK9Studios, in which Adventure Time storyboard artist/writer Cole Sanchez talks about how the Adventure Time team approaches the story process


Secondly, here's another video also by SHSK9Studios, in which Pixar animator and story artist Austin Madison talks about the story process at Pixar.


Lastly, here's a fantastic talk with Heather Kenyon at CTN Expo 2010, where she points out key elements that makes an animation pitch bible successful.

Well, that's it for now!  Until next month: happy art-making! ♦

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